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OFFICIAL: PJ to make 'The Hobbit'! YES!!!! - Lady Korana [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lady Korana

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OFFICIAL: PJ to make 'The Hobbit'! YES!!!! [Dec. 18th, 2007|12:35 pm]
Lady Korana
[mood |jubilantjubilant]

I made my usual daily trip to TORN (TheOneRing.net) today, expecting the normal articles on which actor's birthday it is, or who is doing what project now, and instead I find this:


OMFG, YES!!! I am so happy I have no words! I feel the need to put down the laptop and dance about the room. *jumps around like a maniac*

Two movies! I'm so glad they're keeping 'The Hobbit' a self-contained movie and not splitting it into two though. There's really not enough material there to support dividing it up. But I get to see Mirkwood!! And Thranduil! *SQUEE* And Orlando has absolutely nothing going on right now so it's a pretty good bet we'll at least get a decent Legolas cameo. Yess...bring me more elveses...my precioussss. *G*

And the other movie...Aragorn backstory, the White Council, the Necromancer, so many possibilites. It'll be fascinating to see what they use. I have faith that PJ will turn out a fun and entertaining movie, though I have no doubt that canon will be stretched to it's limits in places. I am totally fine with this though. We have fanfic...PJ has this movie. There's no danger of this being mistaken for an official book adaptation, at least in my mind, so I'm all set to sit back and enjoy more glimpses of Middle-earth, however I can get it. And hopefully with more Elven eye candy! Bring it on!!!

[User Picture]From: tarotgal
2007-12-18 05:59 pm (UTC)
I woke up and the e-mails in my mailbox look like this:

(Axe_Bow) New Line & Jackson to do "The Hobbit"
ladykorana updated their journal!- OFFICIAL: PJ to make 'The Hobbit'! YES!!!!
(Other Sci fi group) News about the Hobbit, get it while it's hot!
(Axe_Bow) Re: New Line & Jackson to do "The Hobbit"
(Axe_Bow) Re: New Line & Jackson to do "The Hobbit"


I'm 95% happy and excited about the news. I'm a little worried for the dwarfs, but otherwise I won't care much if he completely kills canon. I just don't want Bilbo traipsing around ME with a band of bumbling fools. Gimli was definitely shown to be a warrior, though, so I have a little hope that they won't just be there for comedy relief. And the prospect of a Legolas cameo would be just too good for words! Of course, it will probably be a long time before they can start filming and who knows what Orli will be up to then. But I'm glad they ironed things out and PJ will be a part of the projects! What great news!
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