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Lady Korana

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OW! OW! [Mar. 13th, 2006|03:00 am]
Lady Korana
[mood |soresore]

Damn my clumsiness! It's nearly 2am here and I just frickin' sprained my ankle in my parents' living room! *clutches ice pack to rapidly swelling ankle and resumes chanting of 'ow. Dammit. Ouch!'*

So, I was just sitting here, watching TV with my parents all evening with my laptop on my lap. They went to bed about an hour ago and I kept playing for awhile, not realizing that the position of my laptop was pressing on a nerve in my knee and in the process, rendering all sense of feeling gone from my lower right leg. Until I got up to go grab a snack from the kitchen and use the bathroom. I took a step, thought it seemed a little odd, took another step on my left leg, and then on my next step with my right leg, I realized that I totally couldn't feel my foot impacting the floor at all and I had no control over that foot and then my right ankle just crumpled under me and I ended up on the floor. I could hear/feel muscles and tendons stretching and popping in my ankle as it rolled...I HATE rolling my ankle! I've sprained both ankles like that in the past and I have no doubt that this little event only weakened them more, paving the way for future sprains.

I've done everything I can, ice pack, elevation, taken some Naproxen...hopefully it'll be better in the morning. I need the use of that foot to drive back home on Wednesday, otherwise I'll have to cancel my hair appointment yet again, and I don't want to piss them off.

I'm feeling severe sympathy for characters that have a lot worse than a little sprain happen to them in fics now...

From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-13 05:10 am (UTC)
just another reason why I don't have a laptop
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