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Happy New Year 2006! - Lady Korana [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lady Korana

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Happy New Year 2006! [Jan. 1st, 2006|03:51 am]
Lady Korana
[mood |tiredtired]

Happy New Year to all my friends and family, and anyone else who may stumble across this LJ!

I had a pretty good New Year's Eve, all things considered. I really missed hanging out with my friends tenebris and nerv_agent_001 like I did the last couple years when they've partied at my apartment at the end of the year. Right now, they're playing drinking games to 'Pirates of the Caribbean', lucky bastards!

Instead, I worked tonight. My partner pharmacist (who works the night shift, while I work the evening-night swing shift) and I decided to try and make the best of our situation by bringing in food and drinks for all the others working tonight. I brought in a veggie tray, and made a bunch of butter pecan bars for dessert while Sarah brought in taco meat and all the fixings for soft tacos, as well as a couple bottles of sparkling grape juice. We toasted each other at midnight using cute little plastic champagne flute glasses, and then went right back to our work.

Now, I'm sitting here with a very happy kitty (she's happy because I treated her to some canned cat food tonight, Ocean Fish flavor!), and an open bottle of Kahlua Mudslides to help me unwind. I definitely need to get a decent amount of sleep tonight after staying up baking last night.

Best Wishes to all in 2006!

From: (Anonymous)
2006-01-02 01:23 pm (UTC)
Happy 2006!

Love ya, Jeffy
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