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Decided to hop on the LJ bandwagon and try this little music playlist… - Lady Korana [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lady Korana

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[Mar. 30th, 2005|03:32 am]
Lady Korana
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Jewel - Foolish Games]

Decided to hop on the LJ bandwagon and try this little music playlist game:

Put your playlist on shuffle. Pick the first 10 songs that come up and add "in my pants".

1. Belinda Carlisle - "Circle in the Sand in my pants" (Don't you just HATE those remnants from beach trips? *G*)
2. X Japan - "Forever Love in my pants"
3. Roxette - "It must have been love in my pants" (Let's hope it was! *G*)
4. Okui Masami (Adolescence of Utena movie soundtrack) - "Toki ni ai wa"/"At times, Love...in my pants" (Seems to be a recurring theme here...)
5. Howard Shore - "The Riders of Rohan in my pants" (LOL!!! Too funny! Mount up, Eomer! *dissolves into giggles*)
6. Howard Shore - "Minas Tirith in my pants" (OUCH! Insert jokes about the White Tower of Ecthelion here...glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver *snicker*)
7. Phil Collins - "Another Day in Paradise in my pants"
8. Madonna - "Get into the Groove in my pants" (SO wrong, but funny!)
9. Billy Joel - "We didn't start the fire in my pants" *G*
10. Neon Genesis Evangelion - "Angel Attack in my pants" (Very funny, esp. if you know who Shinji meets near the end of the series.)

Ok, I enjoyed that so much I'm doing another ten...so sue me!

11. Howard Shore - "The Ring goes South in my pants" (LOL! I *swear* I'm not rigging this and making LOTR come up this often on purpose!)
12. Duran Duran - "Hungry Like the Wolf in my pants"
13. Fushigi Yuugi - "Tokimeki no Doukasen"/"Blazing Heartbeat in my pants"
14. Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters) opening - "What's up guys in my pants?" *LOL*!!!
15. Howard Shore - "The Steward of Gondor in my pants" (Oooh, if it's Faramir or Boromir, then I say "Yes please!" Again, I swear on my soul that I'm not rigging these!)
16. Beauty and the Beast - "Something There in my pants" *giggles*
17. The Human League - "Don't You Want Me in my pants?"
18. U2 - "I still haven't found what I'm looking for in my pants." (Sounds like a guy with a 'small' problem *G*)
19. Evanescene - "My Immortal in my pants" (Do I get to choose which immortal I want there? Oh Elf-boy...come to Korana! *G*)
20. Tchaikovsky - "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy in my pants" LOL!!

Whew! That was tons of fun!

From: (Anonymous)
2005-03-31 05:19 am (UTC)
HAHAHA, pretty funny there Jenny. I'll do that on my xanga later today, so you should be able to check it out tonight or tomorrow.
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