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I watched 'Mr. Holland's Opus' today, for the first time in several… - Lady Korana [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lady Korana

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[Nov. 1st, 2004|08:57 pm]
Lady Korana
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |The University of Toledo Rocket Marching Band 1998 CD]

I watched 'Mr. Holland's Opus' today, for the first time in several years. I broke down sobbing like a little baby at the end, like I always do every single time I watch that movie. Damn, I miss playing in the band; high school, college, symphonic, marching, basketball, pit orchestra...you name it, I miss it. I would have given Ms. Shaffer a call right then if I'd had her number. (Thank you SO much for everything, Shaff!)

After the movie, I felt compelled to pull out my clarinet for the first time in about 3 years. When I opened the case, I felt terribly guilty for neglecting the poor instrument so long...all the keys were tarnished, the wood and corks were dry...I felt like a bad mother for letting it decline like that. I spent a good hour refurbishing it the best I could with oil, cork grease, and a polishing cloth. Then I put that sucker together and dug out a decent reed to put on the mouthpiece. It felt unbelievably satisfying holding the instrument in my hands again. It sounds silly, but that clarinet and I have been through so much together, and holding it felt like greeting a long-lost friend.

Unfortunately, I have to report that my musical skills didn't fare as well as I'd hoped, though I was able to play a couple phrases of some past field shows from memory. After finding some sheet music, I can now play my college fight song pretty darn well, but I'm very embarassed that I can't remember how to play my high school song. *hides face in shame* I'll have to go back sometime and see if I can get ahold of the 1st clarinet part and refresh my memory.

I really need to find a music group here where I can play for enjoyment and try and get my skills back. Music is too precious a gift to be wasted...