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Immediate Hobbit reaction

(no spoilers outside what you could see in the trailers)


I freaking loved it!  I think I'll see it non-3D next time, because it tended to get a bit blurry when Peter Jackson did some of his quick breaktaking camera pans, but I'm glad I got to experience it that way at least once.

My bladder did not.  I'm out of practice for sitting through a 3 hr movie, plus 30 minutes of commercials and trailers beforehand.  I'm sure I'll get better though. :)

But anyway:  EEEEEEE!  Still not used to the dwarves with so little beards, but I acknowledge the necessity to make all 13 of them look very distinct so the non-dwarven audience could tell them apart.  Anyone else think Kili is the love child between Legolas and Gimli, who has traveled back in time to make sure history unfolds correctly so his parents meet?  No? Just me then, haha. j/k

It was just so immensely great to see these characters on the screen again.  And this universe.  I nearly cried from joy upon seeing Rivendell.
They pulled the exact things from the appendices that I wanted them to pull and thought they would.  I wasn't expected the way it was intercut, but I liked it.  It really gave weight to the sense of growing power and evil behind the scenes, and tied it all together with the LOTR movies beautifully.  Keep it up, guys!

The music was an utter joy.  I'm still humming the Dwarf theme, and I probably will for days.
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Hobbit movie, here I come!

Got my ticket for The Hobbit in 3D, yay!

Going to a midnight show, naturally.  I had to.  I have a LOTR tradition to uphold, though I'm not sure I'll match my record of seeing FOTR, TTT, and ROTK ten times in the theater each, LOL.   Movies are more expensive now then they were 10 years ago though, so maybe I'll just shoot for 5 times for each of the Hobbit movies.  We'll see.

I'm really interested to see what stuff from the appendices was added.  And exactly where each part is divided.  I know they don't make it to Mirkwood.  I'm glad I know this in advance so I don't spend the whole time looking forward to seeing the palace and Thranduil and Legolas.  On the one hand, I really wanted to see this and I don't want to wait another year.  On the other hand, no spiders, so that's a plus.  Still dreading that part. *shudders*

Anyway, I've got my FOTR tee shirt on, and am wearing my One Ring on a chain, with my Fellowship brooch on my coat.  I saw someone dressed as a Ranger (messy long dark hair, brown worn hooded cloak and dark pants, and a sword) at the theater when I was buying my ticket. I can't wait to see if other people dress up too!
All that is Gold does not Glitter

The Hobbit trailer - YES!

So, this morning I watched this:

The Hobbit Trailer, oh man. I was genuinely shocked by how moved I was by it. Not because of the story itself, but because of the sheer joy in seeing Middle Earth again! I think I started off smiling at Bag End, then I got a little choked up in Rivendell and ELVES! By the time they were showing sweeping shots of the band of travelers moving across that gorgeous and familiar looking landscape of mountains and craggy hills, I was so emotional I had tears in my eyes and thought I might even cry. And then when I saw Gollum, I laughed and almost felt giddy. YES, LOTR is back!! SO EXCITED!

My only complaint: too many dwarves with no beards/incredibly short beards. They alternatively looked like humans or Klingons to me. No self-respecting Dwarf would ever go out with his beard in such a state! At least that's what LOTR fanon has taught me. *G*
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iPhone test post

Finally caved in to the lure of the pretty and the aps and bought an iPhone yesterday. The livejournal app looks really bare bones (basically posting only), but it might actually get me posting more often. We'll see.

Loving the koi pond app! Glad to have epocrates back for drug reference too.

Jack's To-Do list

Heading off to the UK today! Watch out, Cardiff, here I come!

Wow, I'm actually posting again!  I really don't have an excuse, other than laziness, but this news was too exciting not to share...

I'm leaving today for London for a day or so, then off to Cardiff, Wales for 3 days, then back to London for another day!  My awesome friend sirenprincess has already been in London since Sunday, with her husband.  My 7-on, 7-off work schedule is allowing me to meet up with them and I only had to trade one day off with a coworker to make this trip possible, and I didn't have to take any vacation time at all.  I love my schedule, so very very much! 

Incidentally, there happens to be not one, but two decent sized Torchwood meetups going on in Cardiff this same weekend.  I'm not a part of either of those, we just went with the week sirenprincess had requested vacation for at the beginning of the year.  It's likely we'll run into some of them at one point or another, but I do hope things won't be too crowded for certain events (namely Friday night's).

Knowing me, it's unlikely I'll end up posting a lot, so I'm gonna give just a brief rundown of what we have planned.  If I expound upon it later, good deal...if not, I'll at least have some record of what the itinerary was:

Tuesday: Fly from Indianapolis to Chicago O'hare, then Chicago to London Heathrow (overnight trip, landing around 11am Wed. morning, London time.

Wednesday: Relax from jet lag, then dinner at one of Gordon Ramsey's fancy restaurants. I've been to London once before and done the London Eye, the Tower of London, the British Museum, etc, so I'm glad I don't have a huge checklist of things I feel need to see right away, especially since I definitely plan on going back again in the future.  So this day will just be soaking in the general London atmosphere (and geeking out a bit, since I wasn't into Doctor Who at all when I was here in July 2007.  I got into DW and TW in early 2008, for reference.)  I will be attempting to NOT think about certain things that happened in certain London buildings on TW: Children of Earth -Day Four.  However, Canary Wharf is fair game for the imagination. *G*

Thursday: Buckingham Palace tour in the AM, then sirenprincess's husband is renting a car and we're driving over to Cardiff, Wales.  We talked about taking the train, but we honestly have too much luggage to want to mess with that, and besides, we'll probably need the car on Friday for what we have planned.  Not sure what time we get to Cardiff, but we'll be staying at St. David's Hotel, right on Cardiff Bay. (For TW geeks, a room in this hotel was Owen's flat in series one.  The hotel is very distinctive looking and you can easily spot it in the background when Abaddon is heading over to suck the life out of Jack in 'End of Days'.)  I'm so psyched to be staying where I can walk past the Plass whenever I feel like it!

Friday: Bowling at Hollywood Bowl in the Red Dragon Centre (where Gwen and Rhys bowled in 'Day One').  Lunch at a Turkish place called Bosphorus (where Jack, Rose, Mickey, and the 9th Doctor ate in 'Boom Town'). View the DW exhibition in the Red Dragon Centre. Then in the evening take a short drive over to Gareth David-Lloyd's hometown of Newport to see his band Blue Gillespie do a gig.  It's not my usual style of music, but I've heard tracks before and I'm prepared.  Plenty of Welsh beer and the chance to see GDL in the flesh again, in his native environment, as it were, should make it a blast nevertheless.

Saturday: Lots and lots of exploring Cardiff.  And I do mean lots. I've spent hours typing and researching and I've got a 7 page list of streets and filming locations, plus sirenprincess has a friend who has kindly offered to play local guide for us.  Lunch at Tiger Tiger, where they filmed the Jack/John bar fight in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'. Then we're seeing 'The Sound of Music' at the Millennium Centre, starring Connie, the gal that won 'How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?'. so there's yet another John Barrowman connection there.  After the show, dinner at 'Pearl of the Orient', where Owen and Diane ate in 'Out of Time'.  *phew*  Busy day!

Sunday: Cardiff Castle, special medieval fest weekend or something like that.  Maybe I'll actually get to use a bow and shoot some arrows. *G*  Lunch, not sure where but no doubt will be from my TW/DW filming list again.  Then some Cardiff shopping, before driving back to London in the evening.

Monday: Have a few hours in London to kill in the AM, then catching our flight back to Indy.  Sad to leave, but hopefully with awesome memories.

Ok, off to nap for a few hours, before we get this party started and I head to the airport!  Later, all...
Ianto - Blue Shirt

New Car!

Tonight I bought my first ever new car! I feel like such an adult now. :-)

It's a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid, royal blue metallic in color. Think of a shade of blue that's several shades deeper than Ianto's shirt in this icon but nowhere near navy, and you'll be pretty close. I got every major upgrade that I wanted: grey leather heated seats, moon roof, built-in DVD navigation screen -hopefully that last one will reduce the times I manage to get myself lost or turned around! No more crappy student cars for me!

It took a year of car research, 2 test drives, and a good couple hours of negotiating at the dealership before I was able to drive my new beauty home. Anyone that knows me well knows that I am often rather indecisive much of the time. I tend to overthink things and my perfectionism can make me afraid of making a wrong choice and that can paralyze me. I was a complete nervous wreck heading into the process, but luckily I had one of my friends that isn't afraid of vigorous negotiating with me. She kept the dealer on his toes and kept him talking long enough to buy me time to really think about what he was offering and make up my mind and take the plunge tonight.  I'm happy though.  I think I made the right decision for me.

Here's a link to an image of my new car:

Now it just needs a name...
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Strange events in Cardiff, Wales...who knew? ;-)

I saw this article linked over from the torch_wood LJ community, and it just totally made my day. I've been giggling over it off and on for hours now.

Cops Chase UFO over Cardiff

Where's Torchwood when you need them? Though maybe they're responsible for why no good images or film came out of this as proof of the encounter. One can only dream...LOL!!

Edited to add this article from the BBC news website. This is more legit than I thought.

I am totally cracking up now. A police spokesperson said: "The crew are very experienced and responded in a professional manner in relation to what they saw."

The Ministry of Defense is denying any knowledge of the incident. And this Ministry of Defense representative's comment is so deliciously snarky I might almost suspect it came from UNIT or perhaps a certain archivist with a wicked sense of humor. "But it is certainly not advisable for police helicopters to go chasing what they think are UFOs," the spokesperson said.

Dying laughing here!
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Quick Update

Since it's been a shamefully long time since my last post, I thought I'd do a quick update.

For the last year and a half or so, my obsession has been collecting perfume oils. Mostly from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, but also recently from Nocturne Alchemy, as the latter has a cool Egyptian theme that I love. I've spent days on the various forums for these sites, reading reviews and discussing awaited updates.

However, in the last month or so, all my time and thought has been spent on one thing and one thing only: Torchwood.

For those that don't know (i.e. my brother if he reads this), Torchwood is a BBC TV show that is a spin-off of the latest incarnation of Doctor Who. I'll not spoil any plot issues here (I'll save any spoilers for other, later entries), but it's about a secret organization that protects normal society from aliens and alien tech that falls through a rift in time and space. It has a real sci-fi/X-Files feel and a fantastic cast. It's meant for adult audiences only, so that means we get more realistic violence, relationship issues, swearing, sex (seems like bisexuality is a requirement to work for Torchwood, LOL!) etc. I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone that's even the slightest bit open-minded about sexuality and likes sci-fi! Or that find the idea of angsty office boys, wearing suits and speaking with sexy Welsh accents appealing ;)

I've managed to practically mainline the entire first two seasons in a matter of a couple weeks, and I'm desperate for more! I've bought the 6 books from Amazon UK, subscribed to the official magazine, and I've got the first season on DVD and the second on my computer until I can buy the DVDs for that too. I've read dozens and dozens of fanfics, and it still seems like not nearly enough.

Thank you, thank you to sirenprincess, tarotgal, and Jill for convincing me to give Torchwood a chance! *HUGS*
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OFFICIAL: PJ to make 'The Hobbit'! YES!!!!

I made my usual daily trip to TORN ( today, expecting the normal articles on which actor's birthday it is, or who is doing what project now, and instead I find this:

OMFG, YES!!! I am so happy I have no words! I feel the need to put down the laptop and dance about the room. *jumps around like a maniac*

Two movies! I'm so glad they're keeping 'The Hobbit' a self-contained movie and not splitting it into two though. There's really not enough material there to support dividing it up. But I get to see Mirkwood!! And Thranduil! *SQUEE* And Orlando has absolutely nothing going on right now so it's a pretty good bet we'll at least get a decent Legolas cameo. Yess...bring me more precioussss. *G*

And the other movie...Aragorn backstory, the White Council, the Necromancer, so many possibilites. It'll be fascinating to see what they use. I have faith that PJ will turn out a fun and entertaining movie, though I have no doubt that canon will be stretched to it's limits in places. I am totally fine with this though. We have fanfic...PJ has this movie. There's no danger of this being mistaken for an official book adaptation, at least in my mind, so I'm all set to sit back and enjoy more glimpses of Middle-earth, however I can get it. And hopefully with more Elven eye candy! Bring it on!!!
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Because everyone else is doing this...

Man, I love inspired memes!

How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension30
Your crimeFailing to establish literary merit in your Harry/Draco/Ron/Seamus/Hagrid/Dobby/Bart Simpson circle jerk fic.
Who reported youkatekintail
Your fateHospitalized for your subsequent Cherry Garcia addiction.
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